Defining thesis topics for undergraduate students

Defining thesis topics for undergraduate students

Depending on the requirements of your institution, undergraduate students may need a thesis to graduate. In some institutions, the thesis is optional, and students can chose between an exam or a thesis.

If you’re an innovative new university professor, you might give overly ambitious topics to your undergraduate thesis students. cheap iphone xr case outlet Attempt to place yourself within their shoes before you attempt to simply plug a learning student in one of your quest projects. iphone 8 case for sale You cannot simply shove off part of your research to an undergraduate student while I do think including undergraduate these students in research projects can be very beneficial (for the project as well as for the student.

We have, right now, directed a number of undergraduate thesis projects at Universidad San Francisco de Quito (12 students have graduated under my supervision), and I also can share my best advice with you here on how best to define a good thesis topic for an undergraduate student.

Research study

Given the short duration of an undergraduate thesis, a case study can be a fantastic topic for a thesis. Then a case study may serve his/her needs more than a research topic if your student is planning to go to the industry after graduation. cheap iphone xs case You are able to identify a full case that fits in your current research projects to help keep the end result associated with your work, but it is not a must. Again, its not all student should do / wants to do needs that are do a research project with their undergraduate thesis. Continue reading “Defining thesis topics for undergraduate students”